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  1. Tami F. says:

    Mr. Rosenberg and family,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s never easy to loose anyone , let alone a child.
    Thank you for the public awareness that you and your family has given. The article in today’s LA Times touched my heart and made me angry all at once.
    I feel that any illegal immigrant that is in America should NOT be given drivers licenses or anything else. They don’t pay into the system so, why should they benefit! The money the government spends for the illegals having babies here or giving them rights yet, our veterans go without! There are young legal families that need help and are going homeless! Seriously, that’s all we need is to give the ILLEGALS more rights when they haven’t paid into the system, they didn’t come here and wait their turn, paid their dues and now we’re supposed to let our families be at constant danger because they don’t care to do things the right way!! I am so sick of hearing these illegals of all nationalities coming here to Anerica and taking advantage of our system that was set up for our legal citizens. Just recently they shut down a pregnancy house for illegals to come have their babies here on our soil so they can become legal. Why are we allowing this? We wonder why California has billions of dollars in debt….wow!
    But, let me tell you how I really feel!!!!
    Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.


    A legal citizen with driver’s license, abide paying tax payer, and parent!

  2. Joe Guzzardi says:

    I’m a journalist trying to contact you directly but do not see any vehicle to do it other than this form. I have written extensively about immigration, Please reply to the above email address

    Here is my latest blog that references your comment to the New York Times:

  3. Newest Assembly Woman Cheryl Brown is sponsoring legislation to help unlicensed driver to keep their cars. Please contact me so I can forward our work on stopping this horrible legislation. My heart goes out for your loss and fight.

  4. admin says:

    Please go to the home page and click on Urgent Call to Action under Recent Posts. There are pre-written letters that can be sent to Assembly Member Brown and a look up for your assembly person and your state senator to send them letters as well. Please ask your friends to do the same.

    Thank you.


  5. Russell Medigovich says:

    I am so sorry for your loss we just lost our 13 year old daughter on 3/29/13 who was hit by a unlicensed and undocumented driver while crossing the street the part that makes myself and my wife sick is that he just got away with a ticket for no proof of I’d and driving without a license.
    I would love to start doing what you are here in Phoenix where this is a huge problem but I don’t even know where to start. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thank you for what you are doing..

    Russell & Melissa Medigovich

  6. lynn says:

    Dear Mr. Rosenberg

    My condolences to you and your family for your loss. I want to be in a pro-active role in combatting illegal immigration, and your cause is, to me, the most compelling;there is a beautiful life behind this issue, and in an instant the tragic ‘act’ of an illegal alien, someone who should never have been on U.S. soil, robbed you of your child.

    I continue to ask myself ‘how many have to die’ at the hands of these illegal aliens.

    It is extremely disheartening to live under a government, both stat and federal level that panders to the unlawful persons invading our Nation. It is as if they can do no wrong, they are just trying to make a better life for themselves, who “mean America no harm”according to President. Meanwhile, the ‘hit n’runs’ persist, people are dying.

    There is no evidence to suggest illegals will remain on a scene of an accident even if they did obtain ‘provisional ‘ licenses.

    California has no ‘mechanisms’ in place to track and tally those DMV license holders from the qualifying candidates of which of the number of immigrants will be granted legalization, for starters, therefore AB 60 must be defeated at all costs.

    Americans MUST take back America. NOW IS THE MOMENT.

  7. Editor says:


    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    To your question how many have to die? Over 4,000 a year are killed in traffic collisions alone. The federal government considers driving without a license to be a minor offense. The Department of Homeland Security told me they wouldn’t deport Galo because “he only committed one crime of moral turpitude”. Under the proposed Immigration “Reform” bill he could actually kill another person and still not be deported and on his path to citizenship. Fortunately, after an 8 month battle I did get him deported. That said, the real criminals aren’t the drivers but the politicians who not only allow them to drive but actually promote it. In my sons case before Galo was deported Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris and George Gascon should have been charged and convicted of criminal negligence.

    As to remaining at the scene the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that over 35% of unlicensed drivers vs. 3.7% of licensed drivers will flee the scene.

  8. John Hibert says:

    I cannot believe they gonna pass AB60!, this wont affect the politicians lives because they don’t drive the streets like we have ton,they are driven by people and have limos , we need to vote them out of office and our get out of this state and let them have all the Illegals who have broke the law ,because our officials are not gamma fix the problems they add to it when the rich leave Calif and there is no money and no body to tax to death then they will say oops ,they never admit it thought, it is not good for our country,
    I can’t wait to get out of Calif and all their illegals and laws that are broken and ignored it makes me sick
    John HIbert

  9. Paul Grothem says:

    For me personally, it still amazes me and angers me that politicians don’t understand what the term “illegal” means. I am so fed up! It is not about me but, the children and grandchildren that will have to pay the price!

  10. Editor says:

    They know exactly what the term illegal means. Votes for the Dems and cheap labor and depressed wages for the Repubs.

  11. Laura Wilkerson says:

    I am so sorry about your loss. I know the pain and frustration you feel. My son Joshua was murdered in Texas on the very same date your was. He gave a kid, Hermilo Moralez a ride home from school. Hermilos parents did not care 1 thing about their own son. He was kicked out of their home and resided with a friends mom. His parent gave him no way to school or back, no lunch money, no ID, no DL etc. I will add a link so you can read my story. He did get life in Prison, which means he comes up for parole in 30 years. He will be 49 year old at that time. I am certain he will not be deported. He was a “dreamer” child brought here from Belize when he was 10. I know your pain, I am so sorry. I am so frustrated with our officials wanting to grant amnesty for votes.

  12. Wes says:

    When will we be able to donate? This is a very important cause, and I want to get involved.

  13. Editor says:

    Thank you for concern.

    I hope to have a contribution mechanism up by Dec 1

  14. WW says:

    I am on the front lines of this nonsense everyday. Today was the first day of the TRUST Act, and I can no longer remain silent. I want to help in any way possible. I refuse to sit back and watch California, and it’s citizens be punished, and become victims while the illegals continually get rewarded.

  15. James Stedman says:

    Dear sir,
    Having just watched your interview with Cavuto, I am compelled to offer my condolences and support for your efforts. As a former police officer, I am angry with the outcome of the prosecution of Mr. Gallo. His attempts to flee the scene should have mandated more serious penalties and made him eligible for deportation.
    Your letter is very eloquent and succinct. I pray the president can take a moment from his duties and golf outings to read it and absorb it’s content and the emotional impact you have suffered.
    Politics and the desire for partisan supremacy by our government officials has severely tainted the immigration issue and is bound to have negative ramifications for our country.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. I just saw you on Cavuto. The loss of your son is so tragic. Neil’s interview of you was so sensitive, I don’t know how you made it through without breaking down. I was practically in tears.

    I know that you do not define this issue as liberal or conservative. However, to me your experience would shake my liberal foundation. The fact that only Neil as a conservative journalist among the mainstream media will cover your story must cause you to lose respect for the liberal media. Your story does not fit their agenda, so it is not news. The statistics you present are certainly newsworthy (shocking), certainly worthy information for America and could influence in immigration policy discussion.
    The overly lenient judicial system you experienced is identified with liberals. As are the non responsive civil servants.

    The nation has changed since you became a Democrat. Like Reagan said, the party left him. Hasn’t this experience caused you to realize that the party left you?

    I’m sorry if this is too close to home or too soon. I just had felt such a disconnect between your beliefs forced on you by the tragedy and your pre-existing liberal beliefs.

  17. Editor says:

    Thank you for your kind email. Neil did a fantastic job. I’ve been on many shows, usually local radio, and he really did a phenomenal job. My son gives me a lot of strength to do the interviews. If I lose it it’s after the interview is finished.

    There is a difference between my liberal beliefs and the Democratic Party which is why they no longer have my support. However, I am totally at odds with the Republican Party and the Tea Party. For the first time in my life I will probably not vote this year or just do write ins. I can’t in good conscience vote for any of the candidates that will be on my ballot. I don’t think it matters who the politician is today. It is now a contest of either do it my way and even some of the members of the party don’t believe it but they are more concerned with getting re-elected than they are doing the right thing. It’s very sad because I don’t see a way out of it.

    I still have most of my liberal beliefs but I will work with Republicans and Tea Partiers if we all agree on an issue. I met with Steve King when I was in DC in May. I made it clear to him that I probably didn’t agree with any position he took except this one but we both agreed that that was okay. Unfortunately the politicians won’t ever do that. Although I disagree I don’t have a problem with someone who believes that amnesty is the right thing to do. My problem is trying to convince others by lies and that is what is happening. Eventually the truth comes out (like Iraq in 2003) but by then it’s too late.

    Thanks again for writing.

  18. Sue says:

    I saw you on Cavuto. I’m so sorry for your tragic loss. Thank you for taking a stand on this issue, your son would be so proud.

  19. Audrey DeHart says:

    I too am so sorry as to loss of life due to our government not dooing the right thing. No one in my family los their life due to this incompetence. Once, an unlicensed driver hit my car and of course, I didn’t get paid for the damage he caused. I am sick of Obama and his idea that he is a king. Enforce the la\ws already on the books, please! Every other country in this world guards their borders, languagae and culture but the greedy CEO’s who bribe our government officials love that cheap labor. Don’t ever think that I am against Hispanics. Three of my children are half Hispanic. I judge people by their actions, not the color of their skin. I’ve lived in cities where the illegals have ruined the environment. They ddon’t learn English and don’t want to assimilate but those big corporations love them because their greedy CEO’s are making big molney. Disgusting all around!
    Obama is vying against George Bush to be the worst president ever in this country.

  20. Candy Davis says:

    Hi, I saw your recent TV ad last night and want to tell you I totally support you in your fight to stop CA from becoming a sanctuary state. CA has gone off the rails and moved so far left it is out of touch. I work hard and have lived in the Bay Area all my life and seen many changes. It is unbelievable that we condone this behavior and allow illegal immigrants to get away with what they do, along with using fake or stolen SSNs, and I am tired of paying for social services for people.

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