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  1. Robin Hvidston says:

    THANK YOU for all you are doing. I am so so so sorry about your beautiful awesome son…thank you for taking ACTION in his name – to try and spare future unlicensed driver killings…GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    I would like to be on your email list

    Robin Hvidston
    Upland, CA

  2. Robert says:


    A good way to get things done is to craft a short resolution and meet with the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC). The resolution would identify a problem or two or three and propose specific solutions, and ask the City to enact them. There are probably other RAC’s but I live on the west side so I am only familiar with ours. They can help you to get the support of each of the Neighborhood Councils.

    Of course, you can look for one or more Council members to work with to enact the solutions you’ve identified.

    Sorry about the loss of your son and thank you for channeling your efforts and grief in a productive direction to help make the world a better place.

    Love to you and your family,
    Robert Aronson

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Robert. I’ll start making some contacts. I don’t have a lot of faith though. The city council wants to stay as far away from this as they can.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Robin.

    Thanks for your comments. Sorry it took so long to reply. The site isn’t finished yet so I wasn’t really going out to check out the comments. Please go back as there is now a whitepaper on traffic in LA.

  5. marion says:

    Just read the story on sfgate & it linked to this site. I want to donate – I bet you will get traffic from that story – just a friendly nudge to set up the donate link or bug someone to help you finish it! 🙂
    (I don’t know anything about webpages myself so until I learn, I ask my more technical friends… hehe)

  6. Lorisa Jones says:

    HI, DON
    I was checking my emails,notice an email about Drew and all the jurdicial drama. We are almost six months into this case and the system is telling me that Ares will do very little time.Ares family appears in court as if my son Demetrious life was not important to his three girls,The DA have offfice is a joke to me [WHO’S? SIDE ARE THEY ON ] not the victims.Ares’s whole family drive unlicened in CT no car insurance, improper marker stickers and no jail time ever served.After reading Drew’s story and looking at picture of him.He did not get to fufill his bucket list,goals,and dreams.I spend most of my time on the phone or emailing CT State REP and DEM and out of one hundred and eighty seven letters only one person wrote back. The State of CT will continue to hear from me i am not going away this is about public safety and law abiding citizens my granddaughters future.I hope to hear from you soon. LORISA JONES

  7. Editor says:

    Hi Marion. Thanks for writing. The donation page will be up as soon as my 501 (c) (3) is ready.

  8. ShofB says:

    I was so sorry to read about your son and all that you have been through however after living in SF for over 25 years I am really not surprised. You are right, illegals have far more rights than law abiding citizens. I wish you the best of luck in this but I think you re beating your head against a wall. Kamala will do nothing except maybe charge you for harassment against the poor illegal. Good luck.

  9. david barron says:

    Mr Rosenberg,
    May I introduce myself….I’m LA city council district 7 candidate, David Barron for the March 5th election. I heard you speak at St. Nicholas Church in Northridge. I too, made my two minute comment saying that these illegal aliens would endanger all our lives. I strongly oppose ‘one bill Gil’ and Chief Becks’ (via Villaraigosa) policy of trying to issue licenses to illegal aliens If Cedillo and my opponent Filipe Fuentes get elected, for sure they’ll both vote for giving them licenses. There is a lot I strongly oppose of City Hall’s policies.

    Thank you for your commitment to our communities and our America.

    Visit Daily News Dec. 31 comments by Rick Orlov
    Visit my comments at facebook: jesse david barron for citiy council
    david barron
    LA Housing Dept, code enforcement

  10. Plegase email me your telephone number. I’m doing a story about Special Order 7. Thank you.

  11. karen ellen says:

    Who is it that we write to.? Is there a petition to sign?
    thanks for all that you are doing and bringing attention to this important matter!
    Is there also a phone number to call?
    Karen Ellen & Family

  12. Jack D. says:

    Dear Don:

    About two years ago I was almost killed in Redwood City, CA by an unlicensed driver who could not speak a word of English but was quite fluent in Spanish. He fled before I got my senses together to call 911. There is no place in this country for illegals coming over the southern border as well as through all ports and airports in this country. They are harming Americans by their addiction to crime and general stupidity. Time to put a stop!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am writing you in response to the Steve Lpez in todays (1-27-13) article.
    A few months ago,a 79 year old friend of mine was involved in a very minor accident in his neighborhood in Los Angeles, and although the Police were involved, no tickets of any type were issued. When my Friend contacted his Insurance Company to report the accident, he was told his policy had lapsed due to non-payment of premium.
    Almost immediately, he was notified by the DMV that his license was suspended for one year, although he does have restricted permission.He has been trying to obtain a hearing.He has been going through hell since this incident.He has been an American Citizen since birth.
    I have been trying to find out what the Los Angeles Police Department procedures are when an Illegal Resident without a Drivers License,Auto Insurance,False ID,False Tags,etc,etc, is involved in an accident. My Friend did not have to provide proof of insurance, nor evidently was his plates run through the DMV at the time of the accident.
    He did not have to post bail nor was any other action taken by the Police. He is Hispanic.
    I would assume that an unlicensed driver would be arrested and the vehicle impounded. How can the Police allowed an uninsured vehicle to be driven? Does another Licensed Driver, who has insurance on their vehicle, have automatic coverage on any vehicle they drive, even those uninsured bv anyone?
    I am of the opinion, that there are hundreds of thousands of Illegal Residents driving vehicles within the State of California, with false documentation, stolen or at least false identification, and false Licenses of any type, including Drivers License. The Illegal Residents assume the Names and Identifications of American Citizens, either on a Rental or Stolen Basis, or from their contacts who have somehow received legal residence.
    I believe this is a massive problem, being ignored for political purposes, and if the American Public was fully aware of depth and scope of the problem, there would be outrage. I think that because the consequences of the unenforced laws primarily affect other minorities, because of residential areas, not much attention is paid by most other Americans.I think there are more than double standards of law enforcement in all of Los Angeles County, depending upon how somebody’s last name is spelled.
    I do not know any Police Officers in Los Angeles, and even if I did, I am sure they have been told to keep their mouth shut. I am amazed that the Los Angles Times allowed the subject article to be released.
    Please enter me on your email list for future information.
    Thanks for your interest, and help.

    David A. Thorpe
    Fountain Valley (Orange County) Ca.

  14. Jef Kurfess says:

    I read Steve Lopez’ piece today and share your outrage. I didn’t see it on your site, but you should post the data that came out last week.

    The “give licenses to illegal aliens” crowd is using this study to argue for licensing, but the data from New Mexico, that already gives licenses to illegal immigrants, shows this is no solution — in addition to be wrong and corrosive of the rule of law.

    I live in Westlake Village. What can I do to help?

  15. Brian says:

    I would like to help you set up a donations module on this website – gratis. With the LA Times article today – you are going to get a lot of traffic.

  16. admin says:

    Hi David.

    I’m not sureI understand all of what you have said. If you email me your email or phone number I will contact you. I have to approve comments before they appear so I will not post that information.

  17. Dear Don I am sorry for your the steve lopez article what an injustice.! I have ridden a motorcycle for 45 years.,I will not ride south of Westlake Blvd. Of course that will not make me safe. If you need any help, please contact me, I’m local.

    Thanks, Monte

  18. PFWAG says:

    I’ve known about the problem and the disproportionate share of hit-and-runs involving illegal aliens but where did you get the data that “Over 20 people a day are killed by unlicensed drivers.”

    BTW: See THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION / Chapter 10, Traffic Accidents

    I’m the author. and I’m doing an update of the report.

  19. admin says:

    That statistic comes from a report issued by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. They get their numbers from the F.A.R.S. database. The 20 per day represents all unlicensed (never been licensed) drivers and those with suspended or revoked licenses. In their report they do break down most of the data between the two catagories. They do not have any data on immigration status

  20. johnathan quevedo says:

    I read the story in its entirety, and I’ve been hearing you on McIntyre for months now. I absolutely want to do something, I want to help. I believe 100%, after living in this city for years now that nobody cares about the citizenry. I had sort of a connection to this story in a way as far as tragedy, and it was published in the LA Times on Jan 29th, 2013. I would like to help. Where are your meetings?

  21. Brian says:

    I can’t even fathom the frustration you have endured. The Judicial system in SF is a complete joke. MOST of the DA’s are grossly incompetent and the judges are an utter disgrace. Sadly this has lead to an apathetic attitude on the part of the SF Police Dept.

    Best of luck in ending this madness.

    God Bless

  22. We were so sorry to learn of the tragic death of your son. We’ll donate as soon as the “donate” link is up and running. I initially heard about this horrible ,so-called “accident” on Doug McIntyre’s show. What a terrible problem for you and your family to endure. It’s so frustrating to learn about yet another problem illegals cause. We need to seriously stop the licensing of illegal immigrants. The website is a great way for those of use who care to stay informed.

    Your story is one that should touch the hearts of all Californians. We stand united with you in your efforts to rid unlicensed drivers from our roads, streets, and freeways. We’ll visit your website frequently to stay informed about the consequences of licensing those who have no business driving a motor vehicle. Thank you for all you’re doing to bring justice to those who are harmed by unlicensed drivers.

    Please let us know how we can help. Thank you.

    Arlene and Jerry Scott

  23. We’re so sorry to hear about your Son!! Unfortunately we know how you are feeling. We heard you Today (8/13/13) with Doug McIntyre on KABC Radio, talking about your Son, LAPD and Charlie Beck’s Special Order 7.

    Jamiel Shaw Sr. would like to invite you on his weekly internet radio broadcast and share your story with our audience.

    We also want to THANK YOU for all you are doing and thank you for taking ACTION in his name. Please feel free to email us at your earliest convenience.

    Thank You!
    Jamiel Shaws Family

  24. sabine says:

    Don… became my brother and guardian in this fight against illegal criminals. YOU helped me so much in dealing with this nonsense and the sheer ignorance of people in charge. YOU are the reason I got to go to Washington dc and testify, telling the story of how my beloved Dominic got killed and hopefully made a change.
    I wish we would never had to meet, but because we share the same indescribable pain and anger about why and how we lost our sons, we are forever linked. I appreciate and treasure you

  25. David says:

    My wife drive’s illegally and after contacting police, district attorney, Senator and Reps, there is nothing I can do.

    But I recently contacted the enforcement section of the Massachusetts RMV and they have submitted my listing of everyone driving without a license and paying someone legally here to insure and register the cars for them. The payment is 1,000 a year.

    Most of the 100+ illegal people I know have 2012 or 2013 cars and think nothing of driving unlicensed. Its actually a lower fine to drive unlicensed than to forget your license at home. A moving violation in my state which increases your insurance for 6 years per infraction.

  26. sabine says:

    As usual……YOU ROCKED…..I just listened to you on KFI and it always makes me proud to be your friend 🙂
    THANK YOU for never stopping this important fight that is and will safe many lives.
    DomHugs 🙂

  27. Editor says:

    Thanks David. I’ll give him a call.

  28. David C. says:


    I just heard you on Los Angeles KFI AM 640 radio and let me first say, my sincere condolences for the loss of your son. I’m so sorry. I wanted to write to you and let you know that you are doing a great, great thing. I am an Agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and, let me tell you, most Agents in ICE can’t sleep at night, have a burning pit of anxiety and frustration in their stomachs everyday, and sometimes feel that their own Government is conspiring AGAINST the very job their Government has tasked them do, SWORN them to do in some cases. Please sir, and ANYONE reading this, know that 99.99% of ICE Agents are 110% behind you and know that the work you are doing gives us all here at ICE the HOPE (faint as it may be) that maybe, just maybe, our Immigration Enforcement system isn’t a faded memory and the safety and security of our great Country hasn’t already been sold down the river yet. God bless you and maybe God bless America. Thanks again!

    [Name blanked out by Editor]
    ICE / ERO
    Orange County, CA

  29. Tom says:


    I am also an ICE Agent in Southern California. I have to confirm the previous Agents comments. I want you and the public to know that as Immigration Officers we are frustrated beyond belief. We know the laws, and we know what we are authorized by law to do.

    I recently came across a case where an unlicensed illegal alien killed 4 people and is currently charged with vehicular manslaughter. I want everyone to know that innocent people like your son are killed everyday. We have to stand up and take back our state. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and allow criminals to be protected while innocent Americans are victimized and forgotten about.

  30. Mac Davis says:

    You really need to be on twitter sir! Many of us are ready to stir things up on behalf of your son and the other 2999 a year but need you on twitter.

  31. Regan DuCasse says:

    Dear Mr. Rosenberg, I listen to you with Doug McIntyre and I’ve met Mr. Jamiel Shaw, Sr.
    I spent over 14 years with the LAPD SID photo unit. It’s the crime scene photography unit and I can attest to being at all kinds of terrible incidents that no doubt, involved illegal immigrants.
    Or people unqualified to have a license for whatever reason. The rank and file of the agency are allowed less and less powers to be able to deal with drivers who don’t have licenses if they happen to be illegally in this country.
    The impound law, for example, enraged the majority of us. My heart goes out to you for your loss. The loss of Jamiel Shaw, Jr.
    I admire you men very much. Keep up your great work.

  32. Yvonne McClellan says:

    I heard your story today on Fox. I am so sorry to hear about your son. I am interested in how I can help change the situation.

  33. lou hodges says:

    I just heard about your story today on Fox. I am also from California, and I am 68 years old. I worked with criminal investigators for 20 years in California. There is more going on here. This is all part of an agenda that began when I was in college at Cal State LA. La Raza was on our campus trying to organize. Everybody was behind them, then suddenly we find out that Chavez was backed by the communist party – now that’s an agenda. My father was President of a union in Southern California, he got into some pretty violent fights when the communists tried to take over the unions He quit and opened his own business. Obama is a communist because I knew the attorneys for Occidental College, and that was Carter’s communist legal team. They also controlled the Rockefeller Foundation which employed Obama’s mother. The Soviet KGB set up shop at UC Davis and UC Berkeley in the 1970s. This is just part of the old Marxist agenda to bring communism to the United States – and yes, you are right – you are collateral damager. Communists see collateral damage as a contribution to the cause. You should speak to obama about that – Obama is controlled by Carter, so a letter to the peanut farm isn’t out of order. And if you want to write a letter to Carter’s attorneys, try Shirley Hufstedler at Morrison & Foerster. And finally, Obama is not a US citizen. We don’t even know if he is actually Dunham’s son. She never added him to her passport as required by US passport law. We have her files, and there’s little boy in the files at all. The other investigators that I work with have one question: How did Obama get to Jakarta and back without having a US passport? children never had separate passports – so if you want to write another letter to Sen. Graham, and ask him, he can urge Boehner to call a committee – and then we can subpoena the passport office and ask them how he did it. I know how he did it, I just need them to ask the question.

  34. Jan says:

    Dear Mr. Rosenberg, I just watched your interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News and I want you to know how terribly sorry I am for your loss. Your son was a beautiful young man and as the mom of three sons I can’t imagine the pain Drew’s loved ones must go through every day. Thank you for everything you’re doing to prevent your pain from being someone else’s some day, and to bring truth to light. I will try to keep up on your efforts.

  35. Tim Puckett says:

    Just saw you on FNC. I can’t imagine your pain even as a father of three. I support you in your fight. It’s definitely appalling that the majority of the media won’t give you the time of day. Feel free to email me anything to help spread the information for you.
    Sincerely, Tim

  36. gene says:


    Sorry to hear about your son, I am sure your son is one of many.

    Growing up we were always told by the gov. getting a drivers license was a prevlidge.

    Question plain and simple:
    Why does the gov. give licenses to someone who has already admitted to breaking the law by being illeagle?


  37. Eileen says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I was six months pregnant and driving my car home from my last day of work when I was hit by another car when it ran a red light. That car caused my car to spin in the lane and after it hit me it then hit two or three other cars, I don’t remember the number.
    I nearly lost my baby, my back was injured and my car severely damaged. The driver was unlicensed and uninsured. To escape the financial responsibility he fled back across the border into Mexico.
    We were left with the bills.
    Please know that I am following your story and praying for you and your family.
    God bless you.

  38. Setsuko - Clyaton CA says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your son. Just saw your interview on FOX news. Please lead us, I want to get involved.

  39. ICE Officer says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could say that our agency (ICE) and our government is doing what they can to prevent this from occurring again but I can’t. While our brothers and sisters continue to risk their lives patrolling the border attempting to stop this “victimless” crime we in ICE are prohibited from enforcing the same laws until these aliens hurt or kill others. I applaud your efforts quietly for fear of retribution. I am convinced our (ICE Officers) efforts to enforce our nations laws are hindered shamelessly by our own president.

  40. sharon dallas says:

    My daughter was seriously injured by a mexican alien 5 years ago. 3 girls in his car when he was driving recklessly were killed, his brother critically injured. Because, portland, OR is a sanctuary city, they arrested and released him. He was a member of the M13 gang and he was never heard from again. Supposedly, the detectives are still looking for him. He was allowed to buy a car in Portland and finance it through a bank with about 50k insurance. It was just enough to cover the car.

  41. John McGuire says:

    Heartbreaking and infuriating. Please keep up the fight – so many of us on the losing side of illegal immigration need a leader. I have lost all faith and trust in our government. I am so disheartened – I can’t imagine the pain that you have had to deal with. Let me know if I can help.

  42. sharon dallas says:

    The car was purchased prior to the crash. My daughter lost 2 and a half fingers on her dominate hand and still has ongoing medical bills and surgeries from the incident. She was a passenger in a new large pickup equipped with a skid plate. When the car crossed the center line in the path of the truck, it sheered off the top of the car. The alien driver walked away uninjured.

  43. Darrin Berg says:

    I just heard the tail end of your radio interview. From the little that I did get, I think I understand most of the situation. I am very sorry for the loss of your son and sorry for the extraordinary acute pain that you feel, when you think about his bright future and your companionship with him and future family. Unfortunately, I know something of this loss myself, as my wife passed away a few years ago leaving me as a widowed father of three children, aged 4,7,11. I believe it is fortuitous that I heard a little of your story. Though I’ve been mildly interested in politics all of my life. My eyes have truly been opened to a new, troubling reality as I have sought justice for my wife and children. I didn’t hear you say it on the radio today (perhaps you did and I didn’t tune in early enough) but I sense that you may have similar feelings as I. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch your name but if you have interest I would be interested in talking with you.

    Sincerely Darrin

  44. maria vegl says:

    why do you think our governor of Texas is trying to secure the borders I am with him 1oo% they might as well call this country Mexico because it is already .

  45. Mandy says:

    Dear Don,

    I just saw your interview on FOX and it literally gave me chills. I immediately went to your website to read your letter to the President and it made me angry, sad, compassionate and anxious to do what I can to help. I have never left a comment on a site like this, but you have inspired me to speak.

    I cannot imagine the loss you faced – especially when it could have been prevented. The description of the accident is absolutely horrific and sounds like it would have lead to a hit-and-run had the brave man not stood in front of the illegal alien (the man does not deserve to be called by name). I am sorry for your loss.

    I know an American citizen who is serving 15 years in prison because of an accidental death while driving under the influence. Yes, he deserves to do time, however, these illegal immigrants kill (sober and drunk) and only get a slap on the wrist and are free to keep on driving. It’s absolutely infuriating.

    Your articulate letter and site will make a movement. I hope the liberal media wakes up and starts covering your story because this is the definition of a “human interest” story. You are absolutely right – our Government and biased media is killing us.

    You should start a petition on these laws. I am not as familiar, but might be a good start!

  46. Darrin Berg says:

    p.s. I noticed that your donate link isn’t quite up and running yet. Have you tried An old friend of mine started that site.

  47. Judyann says:

    As the very proud parent of a son, I am truly sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering you and your family are going through. Sir, I must say, you feel this is not a Liberal issue but I must respectfully disagree. And sadly, despite your wonderful, articulate letter to President Obama, he will absolutely not care, not even a little about your son.
    You may not be aware in 2013 alone, President Obama released 36,007 CRIMINAL illegal aliens who combined committed 97,818 crimes, people convicted of DWI’S, drug dealers, murder, rapists, kidnapping, violent assaults…JUST RELEASED ONTO THE STREETS. You may not be aware as most of the Media did little to no reporting of this, and many other terrible decisions of this administration. As such, President Obama is certainly not going to care about this one death.
    The big question is why? The many millions of illegals have no respect for our nation’s laws with their first footstep on our soil, put Americans’ lives in peril either by violent crime or depraved indifference to life, put tremendous, unfair financial burdens on us all, WHY? There is not a single nation on Earth that does not have and enforce their sovereign borders, enforce their immigration laws…a nation simply will not long endure without secure borders so why? Sir, I am sorry to report but the answer is purely political.
    Unfortunately, and terribly misguided, there are all too many of the Left who dream of, envision us, as a single party nation and, in their estimation, the estimated (as many as) 30 million Latinos in America (presumptive voting Democrats) will all but insure in time, Democrats the only party remaining. Worse still, the millions of Americans who will personally bear the brunt of illegals, are considered acceptable “collateral damage” in their quest for absolute power.
    I’m so so sorry but felt the need to be honest with you sir…you need to know and to understand it all. Not knowing and understanding will simply not fix what is so very damaged. If the president can allow hundreds of thousands of criminal illegals out of prison, to wander and pilfer our streets, no questions asked, he will certainly not be moved by the tragic death of your son.
    BTW, you might also consider learning more about the presidents new Rules of Engagement, terrible restraints put upon our military people. The numbers of deaths and catastrophic injuries has exponentially increased under this administration as a direct result of the new rules. Obviously, this too is of no consequence to this president.

  48. Editor says:

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. I’m hoping that this letter will gain some traction to just get the issue discussed. I like your idea of I have to look into that. thanks again for taking the time to write.

  49. Editor says:

    Judyann, Thanks for your email. I didn’t say this isn’t a liberal issue. What I said was that this is not the position that someone who believes in the liberal philosophy would take. You said it yourself. This is purely political.

    As to my letter it was addressed to Obama but it was not for him. You’re correct again that he couldn’t care less about my son’s death. He’s interested in creating a permanent Democratic rule (so was Karl Rove with the Republicans and look how that turned out) and sees this as part of his legacy. However, writing to the President is what gets attention. Who else could I have addressed this letter too. Of course I want him to read it but my main objective was to get this issue back into general discussion and to try and get the public engaged. The public has been told for over ten years by both parties (back into the Bush presidency) how these people add to the economy, why their families shouldn’t be separated, that they pay taxes and that it would be impossible to deport them all. As the Hispanics have gained more political clout and Obama won a second term all the pieces came together for amnesty. Think of all the bills that couldn’t get through the Senate because of Republican opposition but immigration reform makes it through. The Dems were a lost cause on the issue but it was the Chamber of Commerce, big business and the religious community that put the pressure on the Republicans. They all fell back on the BS polls that said the American people agreed. Had it not been for the “child” invasion that started to open the eyes of the public that they have been lied to Obama would have issued his executive order in July.

    I’ve been fighting the immigration battle now for the past two years and this was the right time to write the President. It’s not that I’m not sincerely pissed at what is going on but I understand how hard it is to get the media to focus. I know about the 36K prisoners released. I have “detainer sheets” from my ICE friends showing that practically no one is being detained no matter the crime but no one wants to cover the story. These people released have killed and raped but unfortunately they’ve killed and raped the wrong people. Hope that they kill a politicians kid or a movie stars kid and watch the wall-to-wall coverage.

    The other issue is that the Republicans and Tea Party have lost all credibility with the middle so when they speak no one listens. It’s not the liberals who need to be convinced or for that matter the conservatives. Our policies and elections are moved by the under and misinformed middle. The Republicans from inaugural day in 2009 agreeing to oppose anything Obama wanted to do and the Tea Party focusing on Kenya, Obama being a Muslim, carrying guns everywhere and wanting to return to 1776 turned off the middle. The only place for them to go was to the Dems. The Democrats will only start to change when they feel they might lose elections (Hence the delay on the immigration executive order). That will only happen when the Republicans run fiscally conservative and socially liberal candidates and the Tea Party will not let that happen. The Repubs may pick up the Senate now but if they don’t change they are doomed for 2016 and the next immigration reform bill will be even worse than the current one and it will pass by 2018.

  50. DM, New York says:

    Sir, I saw you on Fox today and my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your wonderful son.
    The illegal alien situation in this country is absolutely sickening.
    It is impossible to shame Democrats, they are ruthless.
    I encourage you to fight on, as I will, for justice to be done. God bless you and your family.

  51. Jeff S. says:

    First and foremost my condolences!!! I fully support your efforts pertaining to immigration as I currently work on the border to disrupt the flow of illegals into this once great country. I’m ashamed of something I was once a very proud employee and believed extremely in the mission….a mission that no longer exists due to our president and his cronies. Don’t give up ever!! Keep fighting for you….and your son.

  52. Editor says:

    Hi Gene. Thanks for your email.

    The answer to your question is one word….votes.

    In my case the situation was even worse. Galo entered the country illegally in 1999. In 2000 he was granted Temporary Protective Status. While still here illegally that gave him the right to apply for a drivers license. He failed the test twice before he was caught driving without a license or insurance the wrong way on a one way street. Despite that the San Francisco District Attorney’s office dropped the driving without a license and insurance charge for a guilty plea on the driving the wrong way on a one way street. He was driving again less than 24 hours after getting caught. Before he killed Drew he failed the test a third time. The DA’s office withheld that information from us and it was never used in the preliminary hearing (where it would have been admissible) or the trial (where the judge probably would have blocked it). I found out in the afternoon after his sentencing hearing.

  53. I saw your presentation on Fox news yesterday (9/40 and am grateful that we have at the least one TV medium that will air your grievance. The USA as we know is being watered-down with illegal activities and a lack of adherence to common sense law; much of it going unchecked by our governmental agencies! Your loss is the nation’s loss; and dare I say, these agitators, and those that support them, wish us who differ to disappear; for as long as we remain we serve as a reminder of what our nation must return to. I believe a sea-change will occur this November and I thank you for having the presence of mind to create this forum while working through your grief; we’ve been blessed with your communicative gift on this important issue.

  54. Judyann says:

    I’ve been a TP member for five years and sadly, the majority of the “news” people receive about us is woefully wrong. Likewise a whole host of other issues. By design, we have a terribly “dumned down” society. You literally must do your own searching to get close to the truth. As a TP member (from the beginning) I can tell you we have never focused attention Kenya, we are certainly not racists, nor would we ever want to see a single party system. As with any group, we do not all agree completely on ever issue but there is a handful of core principles we all agree with. From your writing, I’d dare say you would be onboard with those core issues. Our membership levels continue to increase as more and more people are finally paying attention predominantly because more and more people are starting to feel the pain. Additionally, the more people get to really know us and what we are about, the more they realize we are them…they are us.
    As for this immigration debacle, you mention the Chamber of Commerce…their thumb print goes way back to the Reagan amnesty in 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act. It is the one thing President Reagan regretted. He was not in favor of it but was assured by congress this would be a one time only amnesty, that borders would finally be made secure (something Reagan was very concerned about d/t national security) and immigration laws would be strictly enforced with a priority focus on businesses who hire illegals. All promises broken, in NO small part thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and pressures they brought to bear.
    As for Republicans, we are far more angry with them than anybody. When you hold yourself out as supposedly having a “moral high ground,” you damned well better behave that way. Understandably, Democrats despise us and honestly Mr. Rosenberg, Republicans abhor us nearly as much because we really do not care what letter follows a politician’s name. If you’re dirty, if you’ve forgotten it is YOU who work for US, if you threaten the best interest of our nation, we are going to call you on it. You see how that might rankle them.
    As a dedicated RN for many years, I have (and taught to new nurses) a strong sense of empathy, one of THE most vital of human qualities. As such, your story hit me hard, when I tell you my heart goes out to you, it is not lip service. I laid awake many hours last night thinking about you, what happened to your family. Ironically, if you were to reach out to any TP group in your area, I assure you, they will most definitely do what ever they can to help get you.

    Hopefully, putting your energies into this quest to educate people and bring about change will bring to you some peace. Losing a child defies every law of nature and the natural order. As your letter indicates, it is a wound that never heals, pain that never fades. If there is anything you feel we can do, even from afar, name it…please. You have my email address, use it.

  55. DD says:

    Dear Don, I am so very sorry for your great loss, and for the continuation of grief and despair that you must feel from the frustration of lack of US leadership … and compassion. Our current president is an embarrassment to our nation as he has no respect for natural order, social order, or our current legal system and citizenship. I am so very grateful for your tireless work toward a more secure union for We The People. We have worked too hard for too long to have chaos destroy this great land, and it is with your work as one of the NEW forefathers that we will once again be a sovereign nation …under God! Your strength and fortitude in your struggle to be heard is what we need to see more of… we need it louder and full of the passion that you feel! Your quest is more than I believe you even know right now -your work could very well be the start to restoring civility to our states, a sense of security to We The People, and to help make people realize the terrible chaos that lies ahead if we sit idle. God bless you, your family and the rest of us as we restore order and hopefully PEACE and LOVE in this great land. Continue to update us and tell us how to help.

  56. Mary says:

    God bless you for standing and articulating for the rest of us in such a persuasive way. You are a true champion for truth. Thank you to you and your family for your resolve. For that I wish you continued grace and protection in the pursuit. Nothing has moved me to respond and pray so much as you in a long time, and I just wanted you to know I will pray every day for continued strenght

  57. Idell says:

    I’m so sorry about your son. I’ve been hurt twice by illegal, unlicensed drivers in TX. Would like to receive updates/info as you can offer.

  58. tom says:

    One cannot generalize that all people are alike and that because someone does wrong everyone will do wrong. Just like no one can say that all who look like timothy Macbeth will ultimately act in a terror attack. As for those who come here illegally you have to understand that they come here because they are drawn to the social economics that no longer exist in their country. Now as for license or no license, issue. If you look at statistics, you will find that there are far more citizens involve in automobile accidents cause by drinking and driving. This does not excuse anyone who decides to drink and drive. The fact is that our immigration system is broken, it has been broken, and probably will continue to be broken. If those who come here illegally are the worst drivers than there should be a comparison to whom we drive those conclusion. Can we say the OLDER citizens are the worst drivers, or that those under 21 are the worst drivers? Are these comments to general? One can draw its own conclusion.

  59. Editor says:

    Hi Yvonne. My thanks for your taking the time to write and wanting to help. The best thing you can do right now is to get my letter to the president out to as many people as possible and to get them to sign the White House petition on my website

    Thank you

  60. Editor says:

    You are correct that all people are not alike and that because someone does wrong all will do wrong. However, you can group people by their actions. In this case all of these people entered the country illegally (or overstayed their visa). That is not a generalization but a fact. I do understand why they came here but in your statement you generalize. While most came here with the best of intentions that certainly cannot be said for all. Certainly the drug dealers intentions were not good.

    To the license issue of course more citizens are involved in drinking and driving collisions (they aren’t accidents). That is because there are over 300 million citizens and between 11-15 million here illegally. That said those here illegally are 5 times more likely to be involved in a fatal collision and 5 times more likely to drive drunk. But even if they were better drivers than citizens every death they cause is one that should have never happened because they shouldn’t be here. That fact also goes to your point about comparing them to older or younger drivers. Statistically, they are slightly worse than those who have had their license suspended or revoked. But it is irrelevant if they are better or worse drivers than the aged or teenagers.
    Lastly, you speak about our “broken” immigration system. While the system certainly has some flaws much of it’s “brokenness” is due to the people who have violated it. We have to provide a tremendous amount of resources in both trying to keep these people out and then dealing with them once they are here. Very few Mexicans are granted entry because there are so many here illegally. As a country we do not have an obligation, legal or otherwise, to admit anyone into the country. If you cannot get legal entry or if you think it takes too long you have no right to circumvent the system and then blame your transgressions on our “broken system”. Unfortunately the proposed “Immigration Reform” bill will actually make the situation much worse.

  61. Editor says:


    Thank you so much for your kind words.

  62. Marty says:

    I am sorry for your loss. My friend was murdered by an illegal alien July 16, 1997 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Within a 45 minute time frame, he first tried to rape a woman near the Cornhusker Hotel, then he tried to rape a 12 year old girl and finally in assulting my friend, stabbed her 13 times before she died. He is currently serving a life sentence in Nebraska; however he will come up for parole in 1919. This fact frightens me. He had used approximately 20 aliases when he was caught – according to the LIncoln, NE newspaper. Our country needs help with illegal immigration.

  63. bill says:

    I have tried calling Ice to report illegal arrange marriages committed by neighbors, this illegal acts were admitted to my wife and I, they just laugh at the US system laughing to have done it seven times. the most recent a man from africa. which we do not know if they are terrorist planning an attack.
    Neighbor also admitted he had married his ex wife’s mother to obtain legal citizenship,
    Heres the kicker my neighbor works for the state of california and will be retiring soon with all the nice retirement compensation packages.
    Guess who’s going to be paying for my neighbors illegal activity?
    I would appreciate if you could email me a contact name that may be able to assist in stopping the illegal activities.
    I even have secret video recording with proof.

  64. Robert T says:

    I know someone that has committed non-violent crimes, was deported but sneaked back in falsely claiming he was still married and is now suing his ex over a matter. Who can I report him to to get him deported for good and how should I go about this?

  65. Ruben says:

    Hi, just read about the case, apparently it was an accident and a bad reaction from the driver after the initial collision. I don’t think that the legal or illegal status would have made a difference. I believe that “illegal issue is just an excuse to get some sort of “payback or “revenge after the sad accident. That;s understandable, we all have different ways to react, specially after something of that matter. I believe blaming illegals or Obama is just a negative and desperate way to achieve some sort of relief. Sorry for the loss, best of luck!

  66. Editor says:

    Thanks for writing. First of all it was not an accident. It’s mot an accident when you know you have no right to drive but you do anyway. Legally, at the very least it’s negligence but you can’t do something you know you’re not allowed to and then claim it’s an accident when something goes wrong. Second the legal or illegal status definitely makes a difference. Had Galo not been here this deadly collision would never have happened. There are over 3,000 people killed every year by illegal aliens. Those people would all be alive if people had never come here illegally or if the government enforced our laws against illegal immigration. Third, the vast numbers of people here illegally has corrupted our governments, federal, state and local. The city of San Francisco, along with so many others have allowed these people to drive despite not being allowed to be here and not having a license. The pressure put on government by them and their supporters have made our politicians kowtow to them because of votes. Whether you have killed or not if you pressure the government into allowing you to break the law you hold some responsibility when someone else kills. Finally, I get no relief blaming illegal aliens, Obama or any current and future politicians for all of their refusal to obey or enforce the law. If every illegal alien were deported tomorrow my son would still be dead. In fact I blame the politicians more than the illegal aliens even more than the man who killed my son. However, because of what happened to my family I got sucked into this issue. I learned that almost everything said about illegal immigration (from both sides) is a lie. The bottom line though is that since the last amnesty illegal aliens have killed over 100,000 people. They have cost this country hundreds of billions of dollars and legalization will not be the economic panacea that the Dems and the amnesty supporters claim. “Immigration reform” will be an unmitigated disaster for this country and it will not stop illegal immigration one bit. In fact it will only increase it. Obama’s first responsibility is to the American people not votes for the Democratic Party. That is the only reason he’s doing this. That’s also why he waited until now to do this. It will take a few years but he knows that the impact of this “reform” will be negative for the country and he doesn’t want to be around when the chickens come home to roost.

  67. Editor says:

    Robert, I hate to tell you this but don’t bother. Normally, you should report this to ICE and they would arrest and this person would be deported. Today they have been told to stand down. They are not allowed 9by order, not by law) to arrest anyone. This man would have to be arrested by local police and then they would have to make a request to ICE to detain hi for a deportation hearing. That’s not happening either. It’s a sad state of affairs when the very people we pay to protect us have been told by their superiors not to.

  68. Editor says:


    I wish I could give you a name of someone who would do something. Unfortunately I can’t. I would suggest that you write to the Department of Homeland Security (you can do it online) and do the same to the White House. They won’t do anything but if any of these people do anything really horrible at least they can’t say they weren’t warned.

  69. jackie gene says:

    are you still there, just ran across your page, now is the time to come forward with you sons story, I wish that you and all the other families who lost loved ones would come together and sue obama, this problem with illegals is headlines right now, and i feel you could benefit by connecting with other families, so many have lost their lives because of this administration, you need to come together and do something, thanks, i am just so enraged by all this, i thought if you all come together it will be more effective,

  70. Ken Langdon says:

    I saw your article on the Fox News site. I have badgered my Senators & Congressman to DO something about this. Unfortunately, until it costs the federal government $$$$$$$, they will not STOP illegal immigrants and their crime. “We, the people” are currently under breach of contract by the Federal Government. Read Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution & you will see why. IT IS THEIR “REAL” JOB TO STOP “ANY INVASION” IN THE UNITED STATES AND TO STOP ANY “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”. ANY United States citizen or in this type situation, the loved one of a person murdered or killed, SHOULD BE ABLE TO SUE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR NOT DOING THEIR JOB (thus, breach of contract!). However, it would be a long hard battle to get federal judges to allow this type of lawsuit to go forward. We live in a sick & pathetic society when illegal immigrants & guests have more “rights” than United States citizens.

  71. Brenda says:

    In February 2016 my granddaughter was T-boned by an unlicensed, uninsured illegal in Huntsville Alabama. Fortunately, neither her or her 3 yr old daughter were injured. The policeman who responded did not ticket the illegal, or run the tags. He just let him drive away stating he would be tied up for hours waiting for someone to provide a ride for the illegal. I guess they are just to much trouble to deal with. How crazy and unfair is that?

  72. Ray Preston says:

    More power to you, Mr. Rosenberg. In my view the problem of illegal aliens is the biggest issue for the country. I have always voted Democratic, but because of this issue, I now support Donald Trump.

  73. Steve Bishop says:

    I am sorry for your loss to you and your family. In addition to the people that have been struck and killed by illegal aliens each year there are even more of us that have been struck and injured. I was struck by an illegal alien in a dodge ram in 2006 while riding my mountain bike on the street and still have problems because of it.

  74. Isabel Trevino says:

    be painful and a license nor citizenship would change that fact. I recognize that you feel that if the individual was not in the country your son would still be alive. The truth is that neither you or I know that for sure. If we follow that train of thought the what if ‘s are endless.

  75. Jay says:


    My condolences for your loss. Why not get Congress involved? If they would pass a law that basically went like this. If an illegal is not deported immediately upon leaving prison for some offense, then the Government becomes liable for any crimes that illegal commits subsequently. This could be done under gross negligence statutes of allowing the crime to be committed by a person with a known propensity to commit crimes. ICE would then be responsible both monetarily and legally for crimes committed.

  76. Editor says:


    I know that if there were no illegal aliens in this country my son and tens of thousands of other people would be alive today. It’s that simple.

  77. Editor says:

    Thank you.

    I wish it were that simple. Most of Congress has no interest in deporting anyone. The Senate wouldn’t even vote on a bill that would have made a 5 years sentence mandatory for a convicted felon who was deported and returned. Until the public speaks up the only thing that will happen is amnesty.

    The mainstream media will not cover what is going on so most people believe that illegal immigration is only a positive.

  78. Editor says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for writing. Sorry for your continuing problems.

    The number of injured dwarfs the dead. I don’t know the numbers but I would guess we’re talking tens of millions over the last 30 years. When I’m speaking about this the number of people who then remark that they too have been in a collision with an illegal alien is incredible.

    What is happening in this country and being covered up is one huge lie by the politicians and perpetrated by the media.

  79. Mark says:

    I have empathy for you in this very tragic event in your life. I do have a very important question. Were you in the least bit interested in this issue…..BEFORE….it happened directly at you and became….VERY PERSONAL ? You see, one of THE CHALLENGES that WE THE PEOPLE face….are those who live right among us….WHO DON’T “CONNECT THE DOTS” AND SEE HOW….WHAT AFFECTS OTHERS….CAN AND OFTEN DOES….END UP …..being left UN-acknowledged and dealt with….ends up AFFECTING EACH OF US IN A VERY PERSONAL WAY. Most people simply LOOK THE OTHER WAY…when tragedy befalls….YES, even one of their neighbors. This begs the question…..JUST WHO HAVE WE BECOME AS A NATION….? Do you really care about your neighbors ? My experience tells me that…unless or until….it happens DIRECTLY AT A FAMILY…..well, it’s simply….NONE OF THEIR CONCERN. Our courts are NOW condoning such behavior….with a mere SLAP ON THE WRIST…..BUT YET….if a LEGAL CITIZEN were to have committed the EXACT SAME OFFENSE…..well, they’re NOT going to do a mere 5 weeks in prison !!! So, PEOPLE….please NOTE: At some higher level(s) this INACTION by OUR COURTS…..are being choreographed and coordinated…..TO FURTHER ERODE the DISTINCTIONS of OUR LAWS. Illegals should NOT be driving on our streets. And merely giving them a license and insurance…..>>>>>DOES NOT MAKE THEM A SAFER DRIVER<<<<>>>DOING ANY OF THE ABOVE WITH ILLEGALS<<<<< WOULD HAVE TO BE SEVERE AND STRICTLY ENFORCED. It's up to US…..EACH OF US….to TAKE ACTION….NOW. Make calls, write letters….show up en-masse TO SHOW YOUR LOCAL GOV'T "DO-GOODERS" TO GET OFF THEIR ASSES….AND GO TO WORK FOR UPHOLDING OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS…..lest the rest of US….be doomed by…….THE INFILTRATING HOARDE !!!

  80. Editor says:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for writing. The problem now is that it is beneficial to most politicians to let illegal immigration continue. Unless the public really complains amnesty is just a matter of time. The media hides what is going on and by the time the public becomes aware it will be too late.

  81. Editor says:

    I’m glad to hear that you granddaughter and her child were not hurt. I’m sure the cop knew that the guy would give him false information, would never pay the ticket and he couldn’t turn him over to ICE. Better to not have any record on the guy so when he does this again and kills someone there is nothing traceable that he had been caught and released.

  82. Editor says:

    Sorry for the delay in answering you email. You made some great points.

    To your first question a political yes and no. You can’t live in Southern California and not be interested in this issue. Years ago when the media covered stories that involved illegal aliens they would identify them as such. Over the past few years they’ve stopped. While I was never actively involved I was certainly interested.

    But it’s important to know that when my son was killed we were told that the driver was here legally. My public advocacy was directed at getting unlicensed drivers off the road regardless of immigration status. It was the excuses made for illegal aliens and the false information (their contributions) in conjunction with law enforcement being told to “stand down” that got me involved in the illegal immigration fight.

    Our government has betrayed us for votes and cheap labor. Unfortunately most people don’t have a clue what is happening.


  83. Rita says:

    I tried to go to sign the petition to the WH to respond to your letter and wanted to tweet it for more signatures but the link seems broken. If you can fix it, I will sure do my best to get more signatures for you.

    I can not imagine what you have suffered through. I am utterly shocked to hear there are 5000 Americans killed each year by illegal immigrants. It feels like we are strangers in our own land. I hope things change under a new administration because no nation can survive in a nation where only the citizens are expected to obey the laws.

    God bless you. Rita

  84. Tom says:

    Sad to see there is not much activity on here, the problem is not going away (yet).
    Hopefully Trump will make progress.

  85. Editor says:

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for writing.

    The link has expired and I should take it off. You only get a limited amount of time to get the required signatures and we didn’t make it.

    I appreciate your kind words.

    Despite Trumps election I am very leery that what needs to be done will happen. Of course he will get no support from the Democrats and I think many Republicans will fight him as well. That’s assuming he will be as aggressive as he campaigned on the issue.

    Only time will tell but I will keep fighting for my son and the tens of thousands of others who have suffered the most.

    Thank you again.

  86. Editor says:

    Hi Tom,

    This site is really not active anymore. As you can see from the url it was established to deal with the issue of unlicensed drivers, many of whom but not all, were illegal aliens.

    Time for a new site dedicated just to illegal immigration but not sure I have the time to do that.

  87. Michael says:

    Not sure if anyone will read this since the site does not look active anymore, but I did not know where else to say “thank you”. Here goes:

    Today, Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act passed the House. They will likely pass the Senate tomorrow, and eventually become law. I wonder how exactly you feel regarding the votes today and the possibility for these measures to cause real change. For me, I felt overcome with emotion and could only think of all the positive interactions I had with Drew years ago. We went to AHS together, I called him a friend, and I remember having great political discussions with him. I thought about what he and I would talk about today if he were still here. I imagine we would probably talk about our favorite music or about travel.

    I follow politics closely: having a degree in political science and having worked for a lobby in The District many years ago. I vote, but I have never and will probably never register with any political party. I lean conservative/libertarian, and although there may be many areas we disagree, I could not be more proud to support this cause. Actually, it’s the areas where I can find agreement with people from different political backgrounds that I value the most.

    I have been and will try to continue to follow your efforts since Drew’s tragedy. Thank you for all you are doing for this cause.

  88. Anney Siegel Wamsat says:

    I’m glad to see that there has been movement on this. Thank you for your work! I was destroyed by an illegal alien driving drunk many years ago. The accident has affected my ability to work, to make a living, to have a pain free life. I’ve always hoped and fought for the government to make changes to the law. Nothing happened to the man who hurt me. I actually died for 17 minutes, the stick shift impaled me and my pelvis was crushed. I was told by the doctors that I’d never children nor walk again. I believe in immigrants, this country was founded by them. Our country needs universal health care and some way to compensate the injured wether the victim or their family. How do we hold the illegal immigrant accountable. Should they make payments to the family ? Something needs to be done. Sorry to be ranting. My life was forever changed at age 18 by a drunk illegal immigrant.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever thought about filing a charge of conspiracy to commit homicide against the Gov.? That is exactly what I would do. There are plenty of case law on this kind of thing. This is how you get his attention so that he answers you.

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