About Us

Unlicensed to Kill was started to bring attention to the horrendous problem of unlicensed drivers who have no regard for the law and are responsible for death and destruction on our roades and highways every day. Last year 7,500 people were killed by unlicensed drivers.

After my son was killed by an unlicensed driver in November 2010 I started to research the issue. I was stunned at what I found. Not only were unlicensed drivers killing people in numbers only exceeded by drunk drivers but many times they were barely being punished and many times faced no charges at all.

There are two different kinds of unlicensed drivers. There are those who have never been issued a license and those whose licensed has been suspended, revoked or expired. Over 90% of those who have never been issued a license are in this country illegally. Only a few states will license illegal immigrants but many drive regardless. Of those that have had their license suspended/revoked or expired it is estimated that a minimum of 50% and as many as 75% are still driving anyway.

While traffic fatalities have been plummeting over the past 10 years those caused by unlicensed drivers have become a greater proportion of the total. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety www.aaafoundation.org unlicensed drivers are 5 times more likely to cause a fatal accident, 5 times more likely to drive drunk and 9.5 times more likely to flee the scene of an accident. (Although I use the term accident there is nothing accidental about these collisions. No one accidently gets in a car and drives.)

Despite all of this death and destruction very little is being done nationally and in California many cities and the state are actually reducing the penalties and making it easier for unlicensed drivers to drive. While Unlicensed to Kill’s main focus is on those who have never been issued a license the two are inextricably linked (as are DUI’s) and hopefully our efforts will spur individuals, groups and our governmental agencies to take this problem seriously and begin to get these people off the roads.

Over 20 people a day are killed by unlicensed drivers. It’s time to put a stop to this slaughter.