Petition the White House to Respond to My Letter

November 16, 2010 Drew Rosenberg was one of more than 3,000 people killed by illegal aliens driving that year.

In addition another 2000 are killed by illegal aliens every year by other means.

On Aug. 18th, Don Rosenberg wrote a letter to Mr. Obama that to date has not been answered.

This administration continues to refuse to enforce the immigration laws we currently have, and has set up protections and aid for those entering this country illegally.

Mr. Rosenberg has invited President Obama to visit the grave of his son and an opportunity to explain the actions of this administration.

Read the full letter at and sign this petition today, demanding Obama address Mr. Rosenberg and the nation on this issue. SHARE!

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9 Responses

  1. It is already out of hand and it is getting worst. For example not following the rules in the parking lots and if you comment the respond is I can park any where I want too BITCH.

  2. Diane Barringer says:

    Obama……you were put in office to protect American citizens. You should have a public trial for treason against the American citizens and our beloved country. You disgust us all!

  3. Diane Barringer says:

    P.S. Followed by a public hanging!!!!!!

  4. John says:

    As Mr. Rosenberg wrote, many more people than just President Obama are to blame. For a fraction of the money and lives spent in the inane attempt to spread Democracy in the Middle East, we could have and should have tightened our borders and deported all the illegals after we were brutally attacked by terrorists thirteen years ago. What should we do to all those “leaders” who failed in their duty since then?

  5. Jeff says:

    We need to enforce our laws. We don’t need new ones. Why can’t the government officials be sued for not enforcing our laws and having sanctuary cities like the one I live in Houston, Tx. I thought the American taxpayer citizen was supposed to be put first but it seems the opposite these days. Sorry for you loss and it was very well preventable.

  6. Rule Of Law says:

    TREASON, pure and simple.

  7. Steve says:

    I am confused about the numbers. Is it 6000+ unlicensed drivers INVOLVED in accidents or are the CAUSE of the accidents? Does your 3000 represent illegals who CAUSED the fatal accident or that were involved?

  8. Editor says:

    Steve, Unlicensed drivers are involved in collisions that kill over 7,500 people each year. Of that number over half of the fatalities involved illegal alien drivers. In many cases, especially if both drivers are killed, fault is not determined. However, unlicensed drivers are involved in 5 times as many fatal collisions as licensed drivers. They are 5 times more likely to drive drunk – of the collisions that killed 7,500 the unlicensed driver was involved in over 3,000 of the deaths – and they will hit and run 10 times as much as licensed drivers. So many deaths also are not attributed to unlicensed drivers because the perp is never found. Additionally, in a study done by the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles almost 80% of traffic fatalities involving unlicensed drivers they were drunk 48% of the time (compared to 20% for licensed drivers) in the remaining approximately 30% they ran red lights, stop signs or were speeding or driving distracted (texting, phone, eating, etc.) Furthermore I looked at driving statistics from the World Health Organization on driving in Mexico and Latin America. The statistics are staggering in the road carnage and total lack of obeying driving laws in almost ever country.

    I know from my research that the numbers are actually worse than what is reported because so much is not reported. Many jurisdictions do not even record the license status of the driver let alone the immigration status. My son’s death was recorded as being killed by a licensed driver which in 2010 meant the driver was either a citizen or in the country legally as well. In Los Angeles they have a policy called Special Order 40 that under many circumstances forbids the police officer from asking/determining the immigration status of someone who has just committed a crime. Those people by default end up being counted as licensed and/or citizens or legal residents. the numbers can only go up not down.

  9. Editor says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your email. Judicial Watch has filed suit against the city of San Francisco for their sanctuary city policy. I doubt it will go anywhere. The Justice Department should be the one’s suing however. Not that it will happen. They jumped on Arizona over 1070 for trying to enforce the law but they ignore the over 300 sanctuary cities who are flouting the law.

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