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  1. nolan abraham says:

    we are so very sorry for your experience and loss. May God give you comfort and direction.

  2. Jack Wybenga says:

    Dear Mr. Rosenburg

    My wife and I are both legal immigrants, but we understand the destruction that this illegal immigration scourge has brought on us since the Reagan amnesty. What comes to this country illegally is not the best and the brightest, it is the ignorant and the dregs of the society they come from. Many of these people have a gang mentality or a criminal before they arrive.

    If there is anything we can do to help, we will do it

  3. Cherie Wood says:

    I just saw you on Fox News and took a look at your website I too am so concerned about our state I was born and raised here and don’t recognize my state any longer nor do I understand or agree with the majority of our leaders here in the state illegal immigration is a huge problem and never recognized by any and it goes on to the federal level I have for years. this year when the government of California gave the illegal immigrants a driver’s license along with so many of the other conveniences that Americans take for granted we again were turned away with our complaint I am so sorry for your loss I have twin boys twin boys 34 now that have been harassed and beat up by illegal immigrants on construction job site it’s very depressing very scarry and its not getting any better I was born and raised here 64 years now and I don’t know where California went Thank You if there’s anything I can do for you let me know

  4. jeff goldwater says:

    Sorry about your loss, it is a sad story. I saw you on Fox News, otherwise I would not have known this story. Thank you for your courage to fight the good fight.

  5. joe nichols says:

    What is happening in America is pitiful. For the most part the legal citizens are being lied to and betrayed. Still we must not go down the road of violence. Jesus demands that the vengeance be left to him. We must seek change through the ballot box. Hopefully the voting process is not rigged. My heart goes out to you and yours.

  6. Ellery Langkamp says:

    A friend i worked with for years lost his son to a drunk driving illegal alien he came across two lanes and landed on top off his car taking his head off. It was a closed casket funeral. Any politician supporting illegal aliens in anyway should be prosecuted for financial treason.

  7. Susan says:

    I say that we just need to start taking matters in to our own hands, since the SOB Obama won’t fix the problem. I would have no problem doing away with an illegal.

  8. Editor says:

    Believe me I understand your frustration but violence will only get innocent people killed. It’s also not just Obama. Mass peaceful protest is the way to go.

  9. Ruth says:

    I just saw your interview on Fox. I decided to google your name and found this website with the full story. My heart breaks. I have many friends who are LEGAL immigrants. Who went through the process and obey the laws of our land with gratitude. Unfortunately, I fear that many of the illegal immigrants come to our country with a lifetime of belief in the moral codes that reflect their actual nations. As you pointed out, their illegal status simply allows them to continue on that path. No consequences for what would be considered heinous actions on the part of a citizen. Somehow, we have lost our way in this nation. Perhaps it is the lack of actually having to experience the same difficulties our parents and grandparents had to face. Because we have had no real trials and sacrifices to make we have not learned to value what we have in this nation. I cannot see how bringing more individuals into this nation who have no value for what we have created and a moral code that is limited to very different experiences will remedy the issues in this nation. It is disheartening to see our elected government officials make decisions for us based on their own political motives no matter the cost to the citizens of this nation. I want to see some leaders come forth who will do what is honestly right for this nation and not what is politically expedient. I want to see someone who loves this nation and the democratic process, who believes in the people. The casualties of our political system will only rise unless the people of our nation stand up and put a stop to what is happening. Demand honesty. Demand they enforce our laws. Demand they truly represent the needs of our nation and not their own beliefs, biases and political needs. Could a true leader please step forth?

  10. Editor says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your email.

    You have said it all beautifully. This is all about politics and money and once again the American public is getting screwed. Unfortunately, I have little hope that the public will wake up. We have become a nation of people who are more concerned with reality shows (that aren’t real) than the real reality. We know everything that the Kardashians are doing but ignore what our supposed leaders are doing. I hope my pessimism is wrong but I certainly don’t see anything that even hints at that.

  11. Jeff says:

    My condolences, I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child. I hope you are still shining the spotlight on this issue as it has gone nowhere but maybe by the grace of God, our new America loving President can fix this invasion.

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