AB60 Testimony on July 2

On July 2, I testified in opposition to AB 60, the ‘Safe and Responsible Driver’s Act’. This bill will allow illegal aliens to apply for drivers licenses. Like so many bills whether Federal or State the authors believe that the name is all of the evidence they need to present to support their premise. We all want safe and responsible drivers but this bill does just the opposite. Just saying it does not make it happen. In the interest in public safety I would support this bill if it did make the roads safer. Unfortunately, the evidence all points the other way.

The bill passed the Senate Transportation Committee on July 2 and now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee and if it passes there (it will) it goes to the governor. Even if Brown were to veto the bill (which I doubt he will) the legislature could override his veto.

The first link below is my letter sent to the senators on the transportation committee outlining the evidence why this bill will not make for safer roads.

Senator Letter

The second link lists the flaws in the bill over and above the licensing provision.

Consultants Analysis


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5 Responses

  1. Stan says:

    This and sanctuary policies around the country is the beginning of the opening of the flood gates to end our sovereignty for good. Just as Washington is giving everything away to those who don’t deserve, so is California. The liberals are creating the hell they won’t be happy with when they finally wake up!

  2. TheGODofCommonsense says:

    Liberals never wake up, they prefer the Cocoon of Fantasy …

  3. karen dobbe says:

    Dear Mr. Rosenberg,

    I was relieved to read a story in todays LA times and was grateful to see that someone besides me feels the same way. This bill is not about anyone wanting to abide by the law because we all know they won’t , it has more to do with the ability to make it harder to deport them when they are arrested in the commission of a crime and hide their indentity, the bill does not require proof of who they are. I have read the bill it appears to be in violation of the 14th amendment “equal protection under the law” it also appears to violate the “real id act of 2005” .This bill and others like them are for the purpose of legislating the rights of Americans from being able to deport people as should have happened long ago. I hope that you will continue your consideration in this fight for justice for Americans. Also keep in mind if this law was reversed hopefully it will get others like me to keep hope and faith in our country that we as Americans still have a say and just not someone here illegally. I will support you and hope others will too.

  4. Editor says:

    While liberals must take the brunt of the fault you need to know that conservatives are guilty as well. The Chamber of Commerce and the agribusiness companies and many hotel chains (all owned and run by Republicans) are pushing for legalization. They like the cheap labor and they like that these people depress wages.
    When I testified against this bill in Sacramento the bill’s author refused to answer my questions but the Republicans on the Senate and Assembly committee’s refused to ask the questions (which were supplied by me in advance) as well. Alejo would have had to answer them and they knew he couldn’t. Most got to vote against the bill knowing it would pass anyway. If they pressured Alejo to answer the questions and provide proof that licensing would make for safer drivers he couldn’t and then maybe the bill would have failed and they would have been blamed.
    The American people are being screwed by both parties. The Dems are vocally upfront about it but the Republicans are just as guilty.

  5. Karen Salazar says:

    I am Sorry for your family. I agree they all need to go back to there own countries

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