Numbers do lie when they’re used by LAPD to talk about hit and run drivers

Los Angeles, June 10, 2013 – A report to be delivered to the Los Angeles Police Commission tomorrow can best be described by a famous Mark Twain quote: “there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics”.   Titled “Analysis of Traffic Collisions over the Last Five Years”, the report deliberately manipulates statistics to hide the lack of police response to the growing epidemic of hit and run collisions in the City of Los Angeles. ,


With 44% of all accidents in Los Angeles being hit and runs, Los Angeles has four times as many hit and run collisions than the national average of 11%,  The latest LAPD report was produced in response a highly critical article in Los Angeles Weekly, and a Council motion by Councilmembers Joe Buscaino and Mitch Englander asking the LAPD report on efforts needed to curtail hit and run traffic collisions.  The LAPD report, with intentionally misleading data, covers up the truth about hit and run collisions in Los Angeles. The underlying motivation for the misleading report appears to be the desire by LAPD management to not change their new politically motivated impound policy, and to rebut critics who have long said that there is not enough emphasis on hit and run driving in Los Angeles.


In recent months, the Chief has said that “the total number of traffic accidents and fatal and severe injury collisions experienced minor increases.”  “Minor”, in Chief speak, is about a 7% increase in fatal and severe injury collisions.  Certainly the families and loved ones of the victims, and any thinking person, would not consider ….more deaths as “minor.”  The new use of the miles traveled by the LAPD is novel – but irrelevant to the fact that LA has so many hit and runs collisions


The report is a mishmash of graphs and numbers which have superficial appeal, but fail to enlighten the reader as to the reasons why hit and run crashes are increasing.    For example, the report has a graph titled “Comparison of Primary Collision Factors” shows that the analysis of the traffic collisions has identified the five “primary collision factors” as speed, unsafe left-turn, impaired driving, following-too-close, and unsafe backing or starting.”  What the report fails to inform the reader is that a more common denominator—unlicensed driver—is not one of the primary causes that can be listed legally as a cause of a collision.  According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety unlicensed drivers flee the scene over 35 percent of the time. Licensed drivers flee 3.7 percent of the time.


In light of the recent California Department of Motor Vehicle report that unlicensed drivers are three times more likely to be involved in fatal collisions, it is both striking and revealing that “unlicensed drivers” are ignored by the authors of the report as a significant factor in hit and run crashes. That number is also understated because the reporting of unlicensed drivers by many jurisdictions is weak at best. For instance San Francisco does not track any activity by unlicensed drivers at all.   Further, commonsense suggests that a person most likely to flee the scene of a traffic collision is one who was not licensed and should have never been driving in the first place.


One should expect that a report to the Los Angeles Police Commission documenting criminal activity and the police response to it would contain the unvarnished truth.  This report shows that expectation is sadly misplaced.


What is the number one and most innovative police department in the country doing about the hit and run driver – sadly the answer is nothing.


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Editor’s Note:  The first statistics about the hit and run problem were published on our website after a Freedom of Information Act request to the LAPD for the data.  The data was then used in our whitepaper and subsequently used by the LA Weekly and other media outlets.


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6 Responses

  1. Gene says:

    The City’s solution will be to give the unlicensed “licenses”, Problem solved!

  2. Dan says:

    I move here to LA from Detroit and am amazed at the number of hit and run cases here in California. Not to be racist but the majority of these hit and run crimes are committed by an illegal alien or Hispanic person.

  3. Joe Student says:

    Sorry Dan, unless you have proof (perhaps witnessed the majority of hit and run collisions in the City of LA/, that statement at best indicates misinformation you have received, or at worst, indicates the racism you claim to deny.

    The truth is is that hit and run drivers come from every ethnicity, income and social status.

  4. Editor says:

    Well I do have proof. The statistics come from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. They get their numbers from the Federal data base called F.A.R.S. Their information is supplied by all of the states. In California the data comes from the CA Highway Patrol System called SWITERS. But in general you are correct. Hit and Runs are caused by every ethnicity, the rich and poor and the young and old. However, the vast majority, about 70-75 percent are people who have never had a license and people driving on suspended or revoked licenses. Those people make up about 20% off all the drivers in California. The number of people in LA with suspended and revoked licenses came from the DMV. The AAA estimates that 75% of those people continue to drive. The ethnic mix of that group is across many ethnicities. I did file a Public Records Request to the DMV to get a breakdown of those ethnicities but they claimed they didn’t have that information. The number of licensed drivers in LA also comes from the DMV. The number of unlicensed drivers comes both from Charlie Beck (LAPD),the PEW Research Center and a recent study conducted by USC on illegal aliens in Los Angeles County. According to the FBI and DHS 97% of drivers caught in California driving without a license are Hispanic illegal aliens. When it’s all said and done about 50% of all hit and runs in LA are caused by Hispanic illegal aliens. I have no way of determining the ethnicity of the other 50% but anecdotally it is a mix of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and every other ethnicity living in LA.

    Sorry, but the truth is not racist and neither am I.

  5. Dale says:

    I’m sorry for the loss of your son, and for the thousands of other grieving families that have lost a loved one to illegal alien crime. Last year, my wife and I decided to take our children, and leave California, mostly due to the burden placed on our citizens by the liberal policies of the CA government. The sanctuary city policies of most of the state, along with the incredibly high cost of taxes to support the welfare state caused us to leave our lifelong home. Now, I read about the daily idiocy of the non caring officials, and am thankful we are not there any longer. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way the state will change, since the high number of people with their hand out will continue the madness. Those people will never vote to change things, if it will effect their ability to suck from the teat of the tax paying US/state residents. The most we can hope for, is for changes at the national level, which can hopefully trickle down to the state level. I know it’s a long shot, but if things don’t change, this country will no longer be a 1st world nation.

  6. Editor says:

    Hi Dale,

    Thanks for you email. Sadly, I think you are correct about California. What was one the Golden State has deteriorated and is on it’s way to becoming more like a third world country than the California Dream it once was. I drive down some streets in Los Angeles and I can’t believe I’m in the United States. This state has passed the tipping point. For the rest of the country look hard because this is the face of immigration reform.

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