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  1. Cynthia Truhan says:

    How can help you now that our Governor has signed into law AB 60? What are our options? Please respond.

    Thank you.
    Cynthia Truhan

  2. Editor says:

    There are a couple of options depending on what happens with Immigration “reform”. If anything close to the Senate bill passes it’s basically game over. As legal residents everyone would be eligible for a drivers license and denying it would be discriminatory. With all that is going on I don’t think the bill will ever come up in the house this year in any form. It definitely won’t come up in an election year.

    That means the two choices are a voter initiative or a lawsuit. Initiatives are very expensive and take a lot of time. Lawsuits are also expensive but nowhere near an initiative and of course you have to have a legal point. It’s too early to announce anything yet but watch the site.

    At this point the best thing people can do if you are in California and your senator and or assemblyperson voted for this is ask them to give you some proof, a study, another states history (only New Mexico is comparable) that licensing will make for safer drivers. Don’t accept the line that licensed drivers are safer than unlicensed drivers. That is not proof. Get your friends to do the same. Put pressure on these people. Read my testimony on the site and ask the questions that I asked. Contact your local media, papers TV and radio. I will appear on anyone’s show and debate anyone on this subject.

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